Uchidokoro striking areas

The target areas in Kendo are classified as Men (the mask area above the ears), Kote (the glove, just above the joint of the wrist), and the Do (side portion of the breastplate). All blows must be declared loudly by name as they are struck to the targets. In general terms, the complete top section of the head is counted as Men, the gauntlet portion covering the lower forearm as Kote and the entire lower section of the breastplate as Do. The only thrust in Kendo is termed and declared as, Tsuki.

Direct attacks are known as Shodan-waza whilst composite techniques or two separate attacks used in combination are called Nidan-waza (two step techniques). The most complex form employed are Sandan-waza (three step techniques) and if no score is made the participants must separate and re-start. The following classifications refer to delivery and are not specified when declaring.

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