Udegarami entangled arm lock

It often happens that when you try for the scarf-hold your partner will not let you encircle his neck. In this case a variation of the scarf hold is taken by holding under the opponent's left arm. This is a very powerful hold which gives many opportunities for locks and strangles. A good opportunity for the entangled armlock occurs when the opponent's arms flap about in his attempts to escape. If he should reach up for your collar let go with your left arm and catch the opponent's wrist. Push his arm down to the mat and bend it until you can thread your right arm through and catch your own left wrist.

From this position keep the opponent's arm bent and continue to twist the joint by pushing his hand down toward the mat and lifting his elbow. Keep twisting until he submits. This lock can be applied very quickly. Practise it many times until you can get the arm positions right without having to think which arm goes where.

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