Ukedome defence stop

This is the straight 'parry and riposte', plates 136 and 137. The attacking blade is caught and held in the Hidari-men-uke-dome (left mask parry) position and the counter attack stroke made before he can react. In this action the blade is canted forward and across the body, whilst being snapped backwards so that strength enters the blade by the linear motion applied along its length. The point of the defending blade remains along the centre-line to aid in delivering the counter-blow and strikes against the opposing blade's Tsuba-moto. Instead of a clumsy side movement this snapping backwards keeps the blade perfectly under control. This position is in itself too weak to parry the attack so it must be ensured that the blade is actually snapping backwards as the attack strikes.

As a general rule, the Hidari-men defence will allow a Men or Do attack whilst the reverse Migi-men defence will allow all three attacks in reply. The Kote-uke-dome is performed lower at the hip and can be followed by Kote or Men and the same applies to Do. They are signified as Men-uke-dome-men or the attack, the action, and the reply, whichever may be appropriate.

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