WarmingUp Before Practice

Warming-up is as necessary in Aikido as it is in other physical activities. One loosens up one's joints and muscles. Starting from the feet, one twists one's ankles. Then one softly but firmly taps one's insteps with the palms of the hands. Next in a sitting position and with your legs tucked underneath you tap your thigh, shoulders and chest. From a standing position bend one knee and push the other leg out. Try to get down as far as possible. Keep the outstretched leg straight.

Next stand in a natural posture stretch your arms out and twist from your waist from side to side. Turn your head from side to side in time with your hands. Then move your head up and down. Finally twist your wrists. This is a little painful at first but with practice becomes easier. Catch the back of your right hand with the palm of your left and twist down to the right, for your left hand reverse the procedure. You are now ready to practise.

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