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This is the kind of lesson plan I've put together for everyone who orders Guru Nizam's Silat for Beginners. So if you're looking for a quick, easy, and Proven way to master the secrets of silat, this is it! Each Lesson is Taught by a Respected Master of the Silat Martial Art Form. Learn the Secret Techniques of Silat, Even if You've Never Taken Martial Arts Lessons Before. More here...

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Stress And Avoidance

Avoidance is the very first in a long list of tactical maneuvers aimed at 'not being there' when an attack is taking place. And it really is very simple, even obvious, but I find it is the 'simple' and 'obvious' stuff that usually gets overlooked and lands people in an affray that should never have occurred. These tactics are not to be read and stored, rather they are to be read and practiced over and over again until they are natural, everyday habits, like getting into the car and putting on...

Basic Training Methods Using Specific Techniques

Aikido Techniques Step Step

Every martial art system stresses the development of arm and elbow power and strong finishing movements. In the Daitoryu, stability of the hips and legs and good posture is also very important In medieval times, many battles were conducted on horseback and a high-ranking warrior needed to be able to use both hands and legs equally well in order to control a horse and wield a weapon simultaneously. The samurai of the Aizu domain were said to be especially good at incorporating the movements of...

Systema Principles of the Russian Martial

James Williams is the President of Bugei Trading Company, Inc. He has been studying martial arts since 1960 and teaching since 1975. James has trained, competed in, and taught a number of different martial disciplines Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Philippino, as well as the Brazilian system of Jujitsu as taught by Rorion and Royce Gracie. His experience includes western wrestling, which he also coached, as well as boxing and kickboxing. His love of samurai martial traditions came with his study...

Pinwheel Attack

This flashy, show-off move is used primarily to intimidate but also has good damage. Unfortunately, the use of the Pinwheel Attack so called because of the pinwheeling motions of the attacker's arms results in an almost compete loss of defensive capability for its duration The build-up to this attack is eerily silent for all its obvious power. In the moments preceding this attack, the attacker begins to whirl his weapon s in a circular pattern that does look like a pinwheel, all the while...

Advanced Aikido Techniques Defence against a knife Attack to the stomach

There are many ways in which you can be attacked with a knife but I am giving the most basic technique for you to practise. With the practice of Aikido, the others will come more easily to you. Your partner lunges at you with the knife. Turn to the rear in a clockwise direction so that your partner is kept moving. Step back with your left foot, at the same time catch the back of his hand with your right hand and then throw him. As soon as he falls, lock his arm by placing your right arm on his...

Published Online

Mikhail Ryabko

The following interview was conducted in Toronto, Ontario on May 19, 2003. Present were Mikhail Ryabko, Valerie Vasiliev who served as interpreter, James Williams, Scott Meredith, and Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin. Large parts of the texts were transcribed and translated by Pavel Rott. Stanley Pranin Thank you very much for taking time out from the party to talk with us. It's a wonderful pleasure to be able to meet with you. I think even now that the System is starting to have big...

The Principles of Cutting

The essence of Kendo consists in Kiri-otoshi, or 'striking downwards' and each technique is virtually the same. If we can master a single technique of delivery this may be applied with equal facility in any direction or angle. For clarity we are forced to separate various actions into sections but the student is advised to regard all techniques as simple variations of the basic fundamental action. Two directions of cut are included, with the blade moving forward Oshigiri, or backward,...

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