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Deep Zen meditation can help you to accomplish a deep state of meditation and all the associated benefits. For many men and women, life is busy and that means spending a lot of time frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. However, studies indicate that those who enter into meditation on a regular basis are healthier, able to accomplish more and live a more peaceful, successful life. Learning Zen meditation can take years, but there are programs, such as the Holothink Deep Zen program that can help you to enter into a deep level of meditation easily and much more effectively. Read more here...

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Ueshiba (like others such as Methodist Founder John Wesley) astonished his followers by arising at 4 a.m. every morning to pray and meditate. Aside from the daily morning miracle of sunrise, there is nothing magical about the hour of 4 a.m. except this someone willing to leave the comfort of a warm bed at that hour is not playing or dabbling, but is in very serious pursuit of a goal and will achieve corresponding results. What are these results The practice of meditation is often urged just for relaxation. But what is the benefit of relaxation Not being tense A good thing, but there's Because of its association with Eastern religions, meditation is viewed by some Christian fundamentalists as,an Eastern heresy. On the secular side, Freud and especially Jung recognized the importance of meditation in one form or another. Much of the groundwork for these characteristics is laid in quiet, meaningful meditation.

Reishiki Ceremonial Form

After the Rei have been completed a short period of meditation is made to calm the mind and settle the thoughts. At the command 'Mokuso' (meditation), or 'Muso' (no thoughts) the hands are folded in the lap, right over left (negative over positive) and silence reigns for about two or three minutes. Students concentrate on breathing or the Chushin (body centre) and attempt to gain the right frame of mind. This whole procedure is performed in reverse at the end of the evening.

Internal Aikido Class

Students of Ki Development can go through every exercise in this manual in meditation. Establish One-Point, relax, drop weight underside, and extend ki. Note feelings, moods. Do a dance step, play a piano piece, establish a goal and achieve it step by step, all in meditation.

Systema Principles of the Russian Martial

We do not realize how much resistance that we have to being pushed by other human beings. Our fear makes us contest for space to a degree that is unconscious and reflexive. The use of an object like a knife to apply the pressure engenders a very different reaction. Our fear-based ego response to another person's push or punch all of a sudden gives way to a get-out-of-the-way response. This is because of the pain and damage the knife would cause and, in my opinion, because the knife is an inanimate object our ego also has an easier time letting go of resistance. I use the knife, real, sharp blades, ever more in my teaching because of their ability to help reprogram the resistance response in our brain. There are good reasons why Systema does not teach techniques. Technique-based systems have a strong tendency to produce technique-based solutions. This box that is built, however large and powerful, limits possibilities. It also limits, to a great degree, how the individual can adapt to...

Wake up with plus mind in the morning

Later, I trained and practiced Zen, misogi breathing and meditation while seated under a waterfall. I trained them and others diligently until I had mastered them. The cold baths were the first opportunity. My Ki became positive, and plus called forth more plus. I was blessed with fine teachers, and I reached the level where I could explain plus Ki to other people all over the world.

Bak Lien Kuen Pai Kung Fu White Lotus

According to legend, a monk meditating in the mountains beside a stream noticed that the lotus flower is stationary and must wait for the insect to land just in the right area of the Lotus Flower before the Lotus could capture the insect, he also noticed that the Lotus Flower's Petals closed together in the evening trapping the insect. In combat a Bak Lien Kuen Pai master stands and waits for his opponent to attack him before he reacts with a counter attack.

Shisei general posture and carriage

Shisei can be simply regarded as the basic posture of the upper torso and head in relations to floor and hips. In Kendo the basic Shisei should hold true, regardless of the movements or position of arms and legs at any given moment. Naturally enough, the position of Shisei is very similar to meditation posture and known for thousands of years in the East as the ideal and natural positioning of torso and head. One should not be confused by different circumstances in other Budo arts which demand variations due to the different techniques. Essentially the Shisei is the same.

Kamishihogatame upper four quarters

Throw your partner slowly with a shoulder throw so that he lands in front of you on the mat. From here drop to both knees resting your head, on your partner's chest, at the same time letting go with both hands and inserting them under both shoulders of the opponent and down until you catch his belt at both sides. Having caught his belt, pull it up sharply to his chest and clamp in tight with your elbows with the side of your head pressing down tight on the opponent's chest. This is the basic position. Depending on individual preference, you can either kneel with the opponent's head caught tightly between your legs as above or stretch out both legs resting slightly on one side of the opponent's body. As in the first hold, lock in tightly with both arms and keep the same relative positions if your partner moves.

Centered Movement

Aikido is about moving and being Centered. You will hear a lot about this, but some basic ideas will help you understand this key Aikido concept. There are two basic aspects of centering practices, emptying out and filling up. Emptying out is the process of letting go of rigid patterns. Filling up is the process of enlivening the mindbody with relaxed strength. Emptying out is releasing energy blocks, and filling up is energy extension.

Changing Size

In a grab, you typically want to become smaller, enabling yourself to jnove with ease within uke's grasp, within your own skin. Combine this exercise with Letting Go on page 84. See Breathing and Meditation. See also the video Powers of Ten under Books, Movies, and Videos.

The Gridlock

As many have discovered, it is very easy to maintain One-Point and good will towards men in the peace and serenity of the dojo, a ki class, a convent, a meditation garden. But most of us must return to the real world, perhaps by way of heavy traffic a daunting challenge to the relaxed life. In the Washington, D.C. area alone there are over 900 cars per square mile and their drivers, with their own perceptions, attitudes, traditions, misconceptions, inexperience, and possibly alcohol or drugs a volatile mix. In this area alone, more than 16,000 motorists a year are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in 1994 these factors led to over 6,600 crashes and 130 fatalities. Nationwide, more than 110 people are killed, and 5,700 injured on the roads every day.


All of the BIM work on postural stability and efficient movement certainly applies to teaching Aikido. In addition, the somatic self-regulation that I teach as part of conflict resolution training also applies. In this section, I will focus on how one particular body awareness concept that is part of Being In Movement can improve Aikido training. In my Aikido practice and teaching I emphasize aligning the body vertically. This focus came to me early in my practice, though it wasn't something that was emphasized or even taught. For me, it was a consequence of the meditations I was doing on symmetry and expansiveness of awareness. vertical postural line. If in Aikido practice you are afraid of an attack, you will naturally lean away from it. If you become antagonistic and resist the attack, you will naturally lean toward it. If you become over-invested in a throw, you will lean into it. In all these cases, you will lose your uprightness. Paying attention to staying vertical is a way of...


Every training session should begin and end with a callisthenics routine. At the beginning of a session it should immediately follow the preparatory meditation. This tones up the muscles, making them easier to control and co-ordinate, and also loosens the joints. At the end of a session it immediately precedes the closing meditation, and helps to prevent stiffness.

Mental Development

The primary aim of practising meditation in karate is not to turn the fighting art or the sport into a religion. It serves a practical purpose. Rigid patterns of thought and confused emotions always tend to obstruct the understanding and anticipation of an opponent. They close the mind, and meditation or 'mokuso' is the means by which you are able to clear it before training. Here is how to practice. movement in the environment. In such a state of mind you are ready to beat your opponent in physical combat, and meditation is essential for the cultivation of such a state of mind. But if, on the other hand, you can control an opponent by sheer mental force - by the force of your personality - and make a peaceful settlement, this is the course you will choose. This is a discipline common to all the martial arts. It is known as 'kiai-jutsu' and is the real end of meditation in 'budo'.

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