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Ho'oponopono Certification

The Ho'oponopono Certification will teach you some fundamental strategies that will help you do away with all the negative energies. By so doing, you will become a positive person, leading a positive life as well. The program is a creation of two individuals, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. The former is an actor and has featured in many books, apart from being a professional in the implementation of the law of attraction in ensuring people lead better lives. Mathew is an influential healing musician. The two individuals teamed up to modernize the Ho'oponopono strategy in the program. The program was established following a thorough research and tests. It is a step by step guide that will ensure you successfully let go of your cognizant and intuitive memory, bringing to an end all your problems. The program consists of 8 eight videos, each taking 40 minutes. These videos will explain each and every detail of the program to ensure that you fully understand all the necessary techniques. There is no reason to hesitate. Purchase it today transform your life for good. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebook, Video Course
Author: Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon
Official Website: www.joevitalecertified.com
Price: $39.00

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Thought Elevators

A new research on success and its manifestation conducted by Stanford University answers questions about Tibetan Monks and the secret to their long-lasting happiness, not to mention eternal success. Their brains were studied and it was found that they used some kind of a technique called the Brain Elevation Technique. It is merely a meditation that used to take them to a state known as Theta State of mind. And that is when the universe starts bestowing good will upon you. It is much like hypnosis, whereby your subconscious brain is targeted and fed with new ideas. Like many people who reshape a certain field, Eric Taller reshaped what we know about the Theta State and the path to it. He summarized the process in 4 steps and created a 3-minute video that prepared him for the process. After that, he created 33-minute audio with the help of a sound engineer. That audio contained music of the frequencies 4 Hz and 7 Hz and audio motivational speeches. In Thought Elevator's package you get the video and audio and these bonuses, Bonus 1: Success While You Sleep, bonus 2: How to Plant a Money Tree? Bonus 3: Recognizing Your Soulmate, bonus 4: I Love Myself, bonus 5: Manifesting Health for Boomers. Continue reading...

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Contents: Videos, Audios
Creator: Eric Taller
Price: $47.00

8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs By Dr. Steve G. Jones

This book will help you in: discovering your limiting beliefs and accept them for what they are, neutralize them and turn them into weapon and strength to attain your height and finally, start living a life free from shackle of limiting beliefs. Steve G.Jones is aware of the damage limiting beliefs can do to you which include keeping you locked in tight, immobile and helpless making you often to change how you see the world which affect your behavior, thinking and personality and so has provided the guidelines about how you can change this limiting beliefs and achieve the success you have ever desire. 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs is a complete book with simple practical knowledge that ran its exercise for 8 days. Meaning it is a book if wholeheartedly read and applied, within 8 days, your life will start experiencing total turn around. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones
Official Website: www.endlimitingbeliefs.com
Price: $19.95

The World Tapping Circle

This very important program was created and laid down by Sonya Sophia. This lady is an expert in the field of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques which is also known as Tapping. She has been for the last 30 years handling healing arts working. Her program contains all what you need to deal with financial issues, improve self-esteem, feel motivated and heal your relationship. Besides the fact that most healing modalities don't guarantee results, the success of this program is appealing and very promising. In simple terms, The World Tapping Circle is a self-healing program supported with empirical findings and evidence based research. It combines researched and accredited Chinese medicines, breath work, neurolinguistics, affirmations and Western Phycology to help you deal with stress. Continue reading...

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Contents: Membership Platform
Creator: Sonya Sophia
Price: $27.00

The Ultimate Way of the Staff

Working with the idea that the martial arts should be a vent for negative emotions and not a means of self-defense, this historian (who is ironically unnamed in the history texts of later eras) synthesized a workable form from his knowledge of many older forms. He called this discipline Anbo-Jyutsu, but among its practitioners it was often called (wrongly and arrogantly) the ultimate advancement in the martial arts. Anbo-Jyutsu is practiced and performed in light-weight armor made out of a material similar to kevlar. Its primary weapon is a staff about five feet long, with a padded weight on one end and a carved air-whistle on the other. In combat, these staves made a low, throbbing noise counterpointed with shrill whistles each time it strikes. However, the most stunning thing about this martial art (besides its impressive appearance) is that it is performed without the benefit of sight All Anbo-Jyutsu armor is built with an attached faceplate which can be lowered or raised. In...

SP I have recently come to understand that what people normally call courtesy or kindness is not sim

I haven't made a major goal of achieving such great results in the world. But I would really like to have people who do other martial arts understand what they are doing and where they are going. What many martial arts provoke in people is pride, ego, cruelty, and aggression. The world is not very kind. It destroys a person's soul. Pride destroys a person. Anything that destroys a person's soul is not good. Negative emotions are not correct. Look at the biomechanics of other martial arts. Some destroy the body of a person. If you constantly deliver strikes against hard objects you destroy your joints. You get arthritis. This type of training destroys a person's body. He has constant pain in his joints. If a person is irritated and nervous he is no good for his family or country.

Pincer movement


Higher grades in most traditional systems are revered, nay worshiped. This reverence doesn't squash the negative emotions in the way that the martial arts are supposed to in fact it does quite the opposite -it enlarges the ego and encourages many of the negatives that we should be driving out like demons. So we end up with a very high graded, very capable (physically) martial artist that is stuck to a pub bar by the superglue of peer pressure and ignorance. If a bar is threatening, go to a different bar and fuck what anyone else might think about it or you. They say it is a strong man that can walk away -there was never a truer statement. Your ippon should never be defending a space by the bar, or a bit of tarmac on the road. Your ippon should be over-riding all the non-starters and escaping if the circumstances allow. If

Bondage Breaker

Bondage Breaker

The Bondage Breaker audio and guide with help you within Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Pain, Fear And  Childhood Abuses To Attain Freedom.

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