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To become one with the Universe Relaxation is the most powerful state

First of all, this notion arises from the illusion that when one is relaxed, he is weak. The fact is that if you relax properly, you are very strong, as you will see from the examples we shall mention later. We relax at important and trying times because relaxation makes us strong. The proper place for the weight of the upper body to settle is the one point in the lower abdomen. First find the place, where the weight of the upper body naturally settles. Set it there, and relax the upper body. The weight of all the other parts of the body will settle down at their proper places for a state of over-all relaxation. If a man does not know the house to which he must return, even if you tell him to go home, he cannot. If you do not know the place in which to settle your strength, even if we tell you to relax, you cannot.

The Principles of Cutting

This accumulation of effort by direct stages is the main reason for relaxation and the arms should be allowed to unwind naturally during a stroke. If the feeling is of 'throwing outwards' centrifugal force provides much of the power of a stroke and the physical action need be very little. A very popular phrase of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei is 'maximum efficacy through the minimum of effort'.

Counter techniques nd form Nikkyo second form into Sankyo third form

With counter-techniques you must completely follow your partner. At no time resist his technique, otherwise you will find that you cannot counter him. This is a very good exercise for harmony and relaxation. Make sure that you first try to 'give' yourself to your partner. Do not practise these techniques too fast until you have learnt to completely relax.

Systema Principles of the Russian Martial

The blood that pulses through your body does so in a wave. Surfers are able to do the maneuvers that they do by riding kinetic energy waves. When watching Vladimir move it is easy to see the kinetic energy waves passing through his body. You can learn to use these waves to keep your balance when avoiding a strike and you can use these waves to return the energy to its source, your attacker. And these are the beginning levels, relatively speaking. To be able to access kinetic energy efficiently it is essential to truly relax your body. This relaxation is far beyond what we normally feel is relaxed. To achieve higher levels it needs to be deep in your psyche, hence the necessity of faith.

Children With Attention Disorders

Then I go through the exercises on breathing and sitting. Of course, I teach them in a simple, fun way appropriate to children. Along the way, I show the children how physical relaxation and postural stability improve running, throwing a ball, and so on. Then we go back to the tickling, and the kids discover that by staying in the relaxed, stable, expansive somatic state, they can become non-ticklish. That example of their capacity to focus and thereby achieve interesting results is very surprising to the children (and their parents) and very motivating. They realize that they can do more than they ever thought, and success at controlling their hitherto out-of-control inner world is very satisfying.

Aikido Ken Williams The Background of Aikido

The movement of Aikido is natural and is without the physical strain demanded by other combat arts. Aikido provides tremendous range movement on the study of balance, posture and most important - relaxation. For this reason Aikido can be practised by members of either sex, young or old, while it is also a most effective form of self-defence. Aikido has a particular appeal to most people for the way that it builds a mind which you can adapt to everyday life.

Iriminage enter body throw th form attack against stick

Here is another defence against a man with a stick. It calls for perfect timing and speed as well as relaxation. You are attacked from the front to the centre of your head. First of all look to see which of his hands is leading. As he brings the stick to your head, move directly towards him. Keep your body in an upright position and step with your leg into his right side. Turn your hips and head as you step so that your chest is nearly touching his back. Your left hand catches his neck and your right hand goes over the top of his right wrist so as to stop him bringing the stick back. Step ninety degrees with your right foot to the rear, bringing your partner in a wide circle. Now take his head close to your right shoulder and with your right arm coming over his head throw him down.

Aikido of Columbus is part of the Columbus Center for Movement Studies

People come for body and movement awareness lessons to learn skills in the areas of relaxation and stress control, physical ease and economy of movement, emotional self-awareness and balance, and conflict resolution and communication. Many people come to enhance their personal growth and spiritual awareness, and many people come to enhance their professional, sports, art or business performance. Paul and Peggy have worked with people such as Musicians, dancers, actors and artists. Bicyclists, runners, golfers and tennis players. Pregnant women. Construction workers and crafts people. Individuals with back and neck problems. Incest survivors and adult children of alcoholics. Physical therapists and massage therapists. Psychotherapists and clergy. Computer users, office workers, sales people and business executives. BEING IN MOVEMENT mindbody training uses movement experiments to help you develop a more conscious awareness of your patterns of muscle tone, breathing, posture, energy, and...

Breathing with oneness of mind and body

Many of you might hold your breath without being aware. If you do Ki test at this moment, you will know that if you tense your body, your posture is unstable. Let's do another exercise. This time, let's try dead relaxation. Drop your shoulders like when you are disappointed and let your back bend. do Ki test, you will understand that dead relaxation is an unstable posture. Many people know that relaxation is important to their health. Not many people know that there is a difference between correct relaxation and dead relaxation.


Numbers 2a and 2e comprise the development of the stroke and from this point the left hand having thrust forward and upwards then pulls downward and throws forward, much as if throwing a knife. The right hand does almost nothing only guiding direction and aiding in the control on impact. The arms and hands should be supple and relaxed until about two or three inches above the target, there is then an instant of tension in the Shibori (wringing) and Ki-ken-tai-ichi as the action is concentrated. There is then another moment of relaxation in taking off and a slight tension in controlling the following-through blade. Most movements of the Shinai, including the attack stroke will be found to consist of interplay between centrifugal and centripetal force and also of relaxation and tension. If great strength is applied the result will be rigidity and the accumulation of force described in principle two cannot flow freely into the blade. If the tension is timed too...


Non-violent self-defense Non-competitive movement practice Compassionate conflict resolution Mind body awareness and integration Relaxation and good exercise Beautiful flowing movement Fun Aikido is not a tool for winning. There are no matches or competitions. Its smooth, circular, and flowing techniques use body wisdom and inner energy rather than requiring great muscular power and speed. Aikido can be practiced and enjoyed b y anyone regardless of age, size or strength. Aikido is an enjoyable learning adventure carried out in a mutually supportive atmosphere. Because students move and learn at their own pace, Aikido is an effective form of exercise and relaxation that people can continue for their whole life. CHILDREN'S AIKIDO classes use Aikido games as well as formal defense techniques to create a fun-filled learning situation. Basic self-defense is covered, though it is strongly emphasized that fighting is not a game and should be avoided if at all possible. Through cooperative,...

Relaxation Audio Sounds Lazy Summer Day

Relaxation Audio Sounds Lazy Summer Day

This is an audio all about guiding you to relaxation. This is a Relaxation Audio Sounds with sounds from Lazy Summer Day.

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