Uke delivers a strike with his right hand to tort's head. Tori rises up in the fire-dragon motion {aiki-age), blocks the attack, grabs uke s arm at the wrist and elbow, and drives the arm back toward ukes head. (In this last movement, called fukaku den, each technique must emanate from a straight and centered line, similar to a plumb line in construction.) Tori advances first on his left knee and then slightly on his right knee to bring uke facedown to the ground. Uke is pinned at the elbow with the arm or, as is seen in the Variation, with the knee. Note that in the Variation fori has his right foot under ukes hand.

Wrist Lock AikidoAikido Hand Grabs

Fukaku den

This involves bringing the opponent down by attacking his center. Grasp his arm at the elbow and push it {either bent at the elbow or straight) toward his ear or his nose.

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Uke grabs tori's collar. Tori delivers atemi to uke's face, raises himself onto his left knee (with his right leg at a right angle) and grabs ukes hand and wrist in the nika-jo lock as shown, applying pressure as if cutting down through uke's center, to bring uke to the ground {this last movement is another example of fukaku den). The pin may alternatively be completed as in the Variation shown here.

Koichi Tohei Breathing

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