Katadori oni no kubi

Uke grabs ton s right shoulder with his left hand. Ton'slides his right arm under uke's arm and presses down on uke s elbow joint in a circular motion with his right handsword. Tori turns his outstretched hand so that the palm is facing downward, brings his right hand-sword down into the crook of uke's elbow, and then pulls his own arms in tightly to his sides. Tori holds uke's hands firmly and twists, to bring uke\ head downward. Tori then places his right hand under uke's chin, and left hand on the back of uke's neck. Finally, tori presses down on uke s head and twists his hips sharply to effect the throw.

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth And Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery. Cut up on the old stone drums of Republic of China, inscribed in books handed down through thousands of years, traced on ancient saucers and on saucers made today, is a sign and a symbol. It is woven into textiles, stitched into embroideries, emblazoned over house gates, wrought into shop emblems, a circle, locked together inside it yang and yin yang, light, yin, dark, each carrying inside itself the essence of the other, each shaped to the other

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