Tori delivers a blow to uke's head, forcing uke to block it with his right hand. Tori grabs uke*$ fingers and pulls downward toward the mat Tori then brings wfee's arm back up in front of his own face, as if he were taking a sip from a glass (this movement is called guinomi kuden>) Next, tori switches hands so that he is holding »fee's right hand in his own left hand, as lightly as if he were holding a fishing rod (tsurizao kuden, or "fishing pole" lock). Tori brings »fee down to the ground and completes the pin, as in the original technique or the Variation shown.

Hands Block Aikido For evaluation only.

Aikido Hand Locks For evaluation only.

Guinomi Kuden

Guinomi kuden: Grab your opponent's fingers as shown, and raise them as if you were taking a sip of sake.

Barefoot Bound

Tsurizao kuden: When applying sanka-jö, hold your opponent's hand as shown, initiating the movement of a fishing pole at the moment in which a fish strikes the line. Be careful not to bend your opponent's arm at either the wrist or the elbow, since doing so would render the lock ineffective. For evaluation only.


Uke grabs fan's right wrist with his right hand. Tori opens up slightly to his right, rotates uke's arm with his right hand, and grabs tike's wrist at the pulse with his left hand, and then applies yonka-jo while also executing the kannuki kuden "bolt" lock with the joint of his index finger. He steps forward onto his left knee and drives uke down to the ground. There is also an optional Variation for completing the pin.

Aikido Hand Locks

Ka tin uki kuden

Yonka-jo is best performed together with the kanttuki kuden "bolt" lock, which involves keeping your arm straight, from the shoulder all the way to the tip of the index finger, and then directing ail your force onto the base of your index finger.


Aikido Hand Locks


Uke delivers a punch with his right fist toward tori's solar plexus. Tori slides to the side, uses his left hand-sword to deflect the blow, and controls uke's wrist with the "fishhook" hold (tsuribari kudett). Tori then delivers atemi to uke's face, applies the goka-jo lock as shown, and then releases his right hand and brings uke down to the ground by cutting downward with his left hand. Tori raises uke's elbow with his left hand and pins uke as shown, with his left knee on uke 's shoulder and his right knee on wire s hand.

Aikido Shoulder Pins
Aikido Wrist Lock
Aikido Shoulder Pins

Tsuribari kuden

Rather than tightly grabbing an opponent's wrist, it is often more effective to use your little finger and/or thumb to "hook" his hand as shown and apply the pin. This "fishhook" type of hold also works well with techniques other than goka-jô, and so is useful to always keep in mind.


Uke delivers a yokomen (blow to the side of the head) attack with his right hand. Tori receives the blow with his left hand and then shifts both hands to apply the shiho-nage grip. Sweeping his arm along in an arc shape as if he were scooping water out from the bottom of a rounded boat {in the movement known as funazoko kuden), tori spins uke in the opposite direction, and then brings him down to the mat with pressure to his head and arm, as shown. The concluding pin also has an optional Variation.

Aikido WorkoutsAikido Drills For evaluation only.

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