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Concentrate your mind at the One point in the lower abdomen

It is the place to calm your mind. By calming your mind in the one point, you can develop a powerful lower abdomen without becoming tense. We call this process oneness of mind , or concentrated mind . By calming our minds in the one point in the lower abdomen, we can develop a powerful lower abdomen. And we will have balance.

To become one with the Universe Meaning of the one point in the lower abdomen

The one point is not really a tangible point, but the point in which you infinitely condense by half and half and half in your mind. When it reaches the verge of being too small to be visualized, keep concentrating it in your mind and let it continue. This movement of infinite condensing results in calmness. This is the exact meaning of the one point in the lower abdomen.

The principle of nondissension

Locking up the speech and actions of your opponent in your heart is not real non-dissension it is endurance. Though you say nothing with your lips, your feelings may be seething within you. Conflicts and contradiction in your mind is a sort of battle, too. But once it has happened, there is nothing to do about it, but immediately regain the one point in the lower abdomen, and calm your mind. If you do this, your mind become calm, removing the limits of your generosity, and become aware of your own bad points.

Exhale naturally Inhale naturally

Mind moves body Therefore, body will never become tense if mind is relaxed. If your body becomes tense during Ki breathing, your mind is doing something unnatural. An example is if you try to control your breath intentionally. It is important to understand that when your mind is calm and relaxed, that this will give your body more energy.

Counter techniques nd form Nikkyo second form into Sankyo third form

When you are practising these counter-throws, try to keep you mind always going forward. If you let your mind go back it will be too late for you and his technique will win. This is the real fight in Aikido - to try to completely give yourself to him. This lets your partner feel that he has secured the technique and won. This lulls him back into a false sense of security and you will be able to counter him. If you cannot control your ego and try to show that you are the stronger by resisting him, you will lose.

Relieve your fatigue of the day

When practicing Ki breathing while walking, do not move your upper body or lean forward and backward because if you do this, you will not be able to walk. Calm your mind by concentrating on the one point in the lower abdomen, and keep a correct posture, and exhale as calmly as possible.

Live with plus Ki Know your state of mind

When we are in a state of minus mind, we do not realize it by ourselves. Before trying to keep plus mind, you should know your state of mind correctly. Ki breathing is important to know yourself. If you do Ki breathing everyday, your breath becomes calm, and your mind also becomes calm. If your mind becomes calm like the calm still surface of the water, your mind reflects all things clearly. In this state, you can know your state of mind correctly whether you are in a minus state of mind or obsessed with something. The state of mind is similar to the surface of the water. When your mind is disturbed by worry, upset and nervousness, your mind is like water with many waves. This prevents you from seeing anything. If the surface of the water is calm, it reflects the moon as the moon and a bird as a bird like a mirror. There are not always good things in our lives. Even if your mind become plus, if some minor minus things happened, your mind can become minus easily. Therefore, not only...

Systema Principles of the Russian Martial

When you can give up and allow instinctively and intuitively, you can return any energy sent your way like a conduit. This returning of energy to its source means that the attacker gets back what he gave. At higher levels, this returning of energy needs to be felt as how it can be achieved does not seem possible. Hearing about it or observing it leads to incredulity. The difficulty comes in trying to explain something that words are not adequate for. Explain to me how you ride a bicycle. It is an extraordinarily complex relationship where the experience of doing it far exceeds any ability or attempt to explain it. It is best to feel it for yourself and know that there is no spoon. My favorite analogy to my students is the dojo scene in The Matrix where Nemo is asked why he was beaten. This is what we are dealing with at higher levels of ability. Again this is not to add mystery to the art however when you are dealing on the edge there are many phenomena that words are not adequate to...

To become one with the Universe Relaxation is the most powerful state

When you are trying to relax, and you do not know where to settle your strength, your strength remains in some part of your body. If you try to relax the shoulders, the belly is tense. If you try to relax your belly, your leg becomes tense. In this way some part of your body is always tense and you cannot relax completely. Mind moves body. Therefore, the root of being tense is in the state of your mind. Keep one point is the same as relax completely.

Wake up with plus mind in the morning

First of all, at times like that, nothing distinct enters your mind. Your consciousness is vague and you are in a state of subservience to your instincts. Sleep is the time when the Ki of the Universe flows into your body, therefore, you should sleep soundly. But lying in bed after you have once awakened will not rest your body. You must jump straight out of the bed resolutely, then you can call forth the plus Ki that gets your day off to a positive start. If you regularly use a sleeping medicine because you can't sleep, you will become Ki deficient soon. You will feel listless and lose motivation for everything. Furthermore, you will lose your vitality and physical strength and become susceptible to diseases. Because you extend Ki, Ki will go into your mind and body. The human brain works much the same way. When you think, you create waves in your mind. Trying to calm the waves by thinking is only a waste. People who cannot It is difficult for them to sleep because, as they try to,...

Shisei in Japanese has two meanings

Refers to the body, the other is attitude which refers to your mind. think only about our physical state and forget about state of mind. Mind moves body . Therefore, our state of mind reflects in our state of body completely. If you practice correct posture, your state of mind is also correct. If your posture is stable, your mind is also stable. If your have sloppy posture, your state of mind will also be sloppy. Let's practice to see how body is affected by the state of your mind through a Ki test. First, please check your standing posture to make sure it is correct. Next practice the Ki test as I described earlier. Without changing your posture, focus your mind on the top of your head. Then perform the Ki test. You will find that even if you do not change your posture, you will not be stable. It is Ki. Ki rises to the head causing your blood pressure to rise which may cause many health problems. Sometimes we say to blow your top . Next, without changing your posture, concentrate on...

Six Directions Breathing

Then as you exhale, imagine that you are gently blowing the air down your spinal column, out your bottom, to a spot six or eight inches below you. Don't just think about this or picture it in your mind, but actually feel it in your body, do it in your body. Make sure to keep your head neck relaxed and level as you think downward. On your second breath, imagine feel that you are exhaling up your spinal column, out the top of your head, to a spot six or eight inches above you. Breathe gently. Don't purse your lips and blow, but just open your mouth, relax your throat, and let the air come out. On your third breath, breathe out of your right side toward a spot about six inches to your right. Next breathe out of your left side. Then breathe to your rear out of your low back, and next breathe forward out of the pit of your belly. On your seventh breath, breathe in all six directions at once, down and up, left and right, forward and back. Then start over with the...

New day begins before going to bed

If you do Ki breathing before you sleep, you can change your subconscious mind to plus. Therefore, your fortune will change in favorable ways. Your subconscious mind When we are awake, conscious mind is mainly active. When we sleep, subconscious mind is mainly active. Therefore, the deep part of the mind will be changed during your sleep. that by paying money they can waste foods, it would not be an exaggeration to say that their attitude towards food ignores the Universal Principles. The most important thing when we have a meal is send Ki to the meal. If you send Ki to the foods, you are in appreciation of the Universe and the cook. By using your mind clearly, you digest food well. We appreciate and enjoy the meal more. This is because we extend Ki and are able to taste the food well.

Children With Attention Disorders

Part of what ordinarily makes it difficult to teach concentration is that it is usually thought of and experienced as a seamless, mental process. How do you learn to concentrate Well, you just put your mind on something. However, that kind of languaging names the process but doesn't explain how to do it, and so someone who cannot naturally focus does not benefit from such an instruction. The key to teaching the skill of concentration is to reframe it as a somatic process and break that somatic process down into small, concrete learning steps.

Exercise for One Person

Often Aikidoists should supplement their Dojo training with practice at home. The exercises I am giving here are for you to practise by yourself for the purpose of building your Ki power, movement and balance. They are also good for relaxing your mind. Stand in left Hamni posture, your hands having the feeling of pushing down and out. Step forward, with your right foot turning at the same time. Repeat with your left so that now you are in the reverse position. Do not stop dead. Repeat the movement. Keep this movement going so that you build up a smooth and fast movement. On no account jump when you are doing this exercise. Keep your centre of gravity down.

To become one with the Universe Always keep one point in the lower abdomen

Once you calm your mind in your lower abdomen, you can keep one point without thinking about it as long as you practice a natural posture. Calm your mind in your one point in the lower abdomen. Your mind and body will become one with the universe naturally. It is important to check if you calm your mind in your one point in the lower abdomen before doing anything. Let's practice keeping one point in our daily movements when we are standing, sitting and walking. I emphasize this because it is important keep one point does not mean to be continously think consciously of your lower abdomen. If you are constantly focusing on your lower abdomen, you will not be able to perform daily tasks correctly. When we keep one point, we feel relaxed. Once you understand this feeling, you can apply this feeling to you daily activities. This means to perform in the most natural state. Sometimes our mind may be disturbed. If you feel that your mind is disturbed, you can practice Keep one point once...

Memoir Of The Master By Morihei Ueshiba Creator Of Aikido

Don't look at the opponent's eyes, or your mind will be drawn into his eyes. Don't look at his sword, or you will be slain with his sword. Don't look at him, or your spirit will be distracted. True budo is the cultivation of attraction with which to draw the whole opponent to you. All I have to do is to keep standing this way.

Images and Visualization

Visualization and hi extension raise the startling possibilities that our thoughts do become reality on some level. Yet ki does not violate the laws of physics it allows physical actions to move and flow more freely. In a strictly physical sense, holding a certain image in your mind may allow tiny physical adjustments a slight shift in weight, a slight rounding of the chest, a faint drop in the shoulders, the use or relaxation of certain muscles to occur on an unconscious level which would be far more difficult on a conscious level. It may produce an equally important change in attitude, in our perception of limits and boundaries.

Correct posture prevents diseases and other problem conditions

Everyone can understand this as wrong posture. By practicing a hunched posture, internal organs are compressed. This constricts blood flow to the brain, you feel disoriented and your breathing becomes very shallow. If your breathe becomes shallow, it is easy to disturb your mind, which causes some people to become upset easily.

Plus way of thinking according to the Universe

By practicing Ki breathing, your mind becomes calm, and your mind does not cling to any specific thoughts. If you do this you will realize if your way of thinking is correct or what you should do. By doing Ki breathing and calming your mind, you can always keep your mind calm.

To be plus when you are under adverse circumstances

And you should not move your mind about this matter. There is no need to become downcast. The man who is scolding you will sympathize with your plus Ki, and without even knowing it, his Ki will become plus. He will lose all desire to be angry, and when he might find cause to reprimand you ten times, he will make do with only one or two.

Living calmness is our original and natural state

If you relax keeping the weight of your body at its lowest part, naturally your mind calms down. You cannot always calm your mind when you choose to be calm. It is difficult to calm your mind without realizing what I explained earlier about weight underside. Even if you pray to God, Please make my mind calm , you cannot be calm until the weight of an object naturally settles underside.

Dojo Etiquette

You should be on the mat, ready to practice a few minutes before the class starts. For the last few minutes before class, you should sit quietly and focus your mind. We start class with a bow. Teachers and students all bow together to the shomen, as a gesture of our working together in Aikido toward the goal of self-understanding and universal harmony. Then the teacher turns toward the students, and the teacher and students bow toward each other and say Onegai shimasu , which means I request the favor (of your instruction cooperation in training) . The instructor bows toward the students as a gesture of respect for their wishing to learn, and the students bow toward the instructor as a gesture of respect for the teacher's sharing of knowledge. Then class starts.

Self Kiatsu

We have a word teate in Japanese. (literally means put hand on injury). When we feel ill, we put our hands on the part of the body that hurts naturally. At that time, we never push too hard on the painful place. You just send your mind (Ki) to the place where you experience pain. To put it plainly, this is Kiatsu therapy.


As you concentrate on experiencing each posture clearly, you will become able to utilize a direct releasing relaxing of any tight spots. Focus your mind on the area where you feel the tightness. Breathe into and release the tightness. Flexibility is about learning to move with ease. You will be able to use each posture as a way of learning to take responsibility for your body.

Dress of Aikido

Cleanliness is very important in Aikido as well as the other fighting arts. Not only is it very important to keep your body and clothes clean but also your mind. Aikido's aim is to make harmony and this will not be achieved if one person in the Dojo is clean and another dirty. You will find that no one will want to practise with the dirty club member. This can cause bad feeling in the Dojo. Harmony will thus disappear.

Aikido Breakfalls

You must remember that Aikido is not so much a sport as a fighting art. Therefore, I believe that Ukemi are as important as other techniques. If your Ukemi become proficient then you will follow your partner better because the fear of falling will have gone. This will allow your mind to be calm and as the body always follows the mind in Aikido then it will be more relaxed, giving you more speed and natural movement for your technique.

Mind moves body

Therefore, many people only think about how to use body and they do not think about how to use their mind. There are big differences between using both your mind and body when doing things and when you do things without using mind but only using body. Each movement has quality when we use mind. If I give you an example in our daily life, you will understand it more easily. When you do something, you might have instances that you think I do not want to do in your mind but you physically do it anyway. This is a state of mind and body seperation. In this state, you get tired easily and nothing good comes of it. On the other hand, when you do something which you want to do in your mind, you will feel almost no fatigue and you can work efficiently. When you do not use your mind positively and use only your body, you are practicing the separation of mind and body. In the latter case, when using mind positively to the purpose and using body, this is the...

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