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MR: God will help us. That's why we need warriors. This is a difficult question—the government after the revolution wanted the fighting skills of the monasteries. Of course they tried to control these arts. For example, there is "sambo" - and they say that sambo came from judo, but really there are two different directions in sambo-one is competitive and the other combat sambo. Judo does not have that combat component. But sambo was not converted into an Olympic sport.

JW: I don't know enough about the monk Rasputin, whether he was a good or bad person, but did he get a lot of his power from training in monasteries? Obviously he was very hard to kill. MR: Rasputin is a very controversial figure. Surely he had something. But what forces were controlling him—good or evil—I don't know. But he did have powers. God sorts things out.

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