SP Do you hope that through your efforts and the efforts of others that some of the politicians can

MR: There are a lot of positive things happening in Russia now. It is very possible that this sort of thing could happen. I am all for the rebirth and rebuilding of everything, in Russia, America, Europe, and Asia. I am for people, not against anything. I am for good. I am for justice. People are the same everywhere—in America, Canada and Russia. Everyone has family and kids.

No matter what we say, inside our souls we are kind people. At least we don't wish evil on those close to us, on our children. Our people will sort out where to go for training. to end up in Heaven or in Hell!

JW: I would like to ask about the sword techniques that you taught me in Russia last summer. Did your father or grandfather also teach the sword?

MR: Those techniques I showed were the most simple... the first things taught, but they seemed to you like advanced skills.

JW: (Laughter) They were very good!

MR: To be skillful in the use of weapons is, for a warrior, like being skillful with a spoon. I don't care what weapon you use—a machine gun or sword.

JW: I am trying to understand the roots of the System. Warriors did not fight with their bare hands, but rather with weapons almost all the time. When I first saw the System in your video "Master of Fighting." I thought "Oh, this is a sword art!"

MR: Yes, that's correct. A lot of our techniques come from being skillful with weapons.

JW: That's why I tried to understand the sword part because it's the root of the movements, evasions and softness of the System.

MR: That's correct. Russian armor wasn't so heavy and the metal shields were made of chain mail, so they dealt with most strikes using their bodies.

JW: I tried a cut against chain mail using a sword and it will push the chain mail all the way to the bone even if the sword doesn't cut. I think both Michael and I are a little odd because we like this old stuff!

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