SP Have you studied this area of history You seem to be very knowledgeable

MR: I have studied some, not in great detail, but I have been interested. Information comes naturally when people are interested. One could do more thorough research and there is of course tons of information.

VV: He has traveled himself to many of these monasteries. That's his favorite type of travel, to the holy spots.

SP: Would you talk a little bit about the Revolution and when the government took control of the martial techniques that were being taught? What happened during that period?

Ryabko with interpreter Valerie Vasiliev

MR: Those who had this knowledge, of course, were still there. The Communists tried to take the religious part out of this. Those who protect the homeland do not care who rules. The Church prays for every soul. During the Second World War, they also went to war and they fought the best way they could.

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