Vladimir Vasilievs training philosophy

Here are a few quotes from the above-mentioned booklet that will give some insight into Vladimir's personal training approach which has been adapted for teaching to the general public:

... [I] try to keep the training sessions fun and urge you to do so, too. You should be serious on the inside, but on the outside look so as to relax your opponent. Again, I must make this point: If you're serious when there is no threat, when a threat really does arrive you'll be left with nothing in reserve. You've used yourself up and left no more room to make the transition from civilian to warrior.

... to master this system you must also be able to move so that your appendages and the rest of your body can move in different ways simultaneously. It's a kind of 3-dimensional movement of the body.

All movements should be dynamic and multi-functional. You should never move just for the sake of moving. And at any moment, the whole body should be perceived and used as a complete system. Though one part of the body may be moved while others relax, they should never be cut off or physically or psychologically separated from the actions of the other parts.

... it is also essential to learn what your natural response is so that you can guard against it when in situations where it may be harmful awareness of your own body and identity along with what's going on around you is essential to mastery of the Russian system.

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