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Varied exercise: Variation ... (11)

Launch your right hand in between your partner's arms, tighten your arms to your side to lock up his arms and deliver a throw.

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Information on Atemi

When your partner attempts to seize you by the shoulders, unbalance him sideways (while delivering an Atemi to his face), slip your head out between his hands and turn your body obliquely and do Atemi to the instep of his foot.

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Variations against Tsuki

Basic exercise: Tsuki Dai-Ikkyo

When turning your body to the left (stepping inside the line of attack), knock your partner's thrust down at a point beyond the reach of his left hand, as shown in the photo, and follow it up with Dai-Ikkyo Omote-waza. Since Omote-waza is the most difficult technique to perform, it is therefore recommended that you concentrate on the following exercise.

  • Bad example If you try to get hold of your partner's thrusting hand within his own sphere, he will thrust your side with his unengaged hand,)
  • Choose a point beyond the reach of your partner's left hand when chopping down his right-hand thrust.)

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